Veggie Grill Toluca Lake

Veggie Grill Opens New Toluca Lake Location

Veggie Grill just opened up a new location in Toluca Lake. The fast casual vegan chain offers a menu with a variety of options, from burgers and sandwiches to salads and bowls, tacos and burritos, and plenty more.

This new location adds on to the other 10+ locations in the LA area. First co-founded by a small Southern California team in 2006, the business has grown into the largest vegetarian and vegan restaurant company in the nation, with plans to expand even more.


Over the past 13 years, Veggie Grill has worked with vegan meat product line Gardein along with vegetarian and vegan food company Follow Your Heart. Plus in 2016, Veggie Grill began partnering with Beyond Meat to create their plant-based burgers. Today, some of their most popular items include the VG Beyond Burger, Quinoa Power Salad, and Tempura Green Beans. 

Next time you’re in the Toluca Lake area, swing by Veggie Grill for something to eat and join in on the opening of their newest location. 


Veggie Grill Toluca Lake is located at 4300 Riverside Drive, Burbank and is open daily from 10:30am-10:00pm.


Photo credit: Veggie Grill

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