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Sunday Scaries Vegan AF CBD Gummies Take the Edge Off

It might be a new year, but those same stressors and anxieties don’t necessarily vanish with the turn of a calendar page. If anything, the pressure of New Year’s resolutions and the crazy Los Angeles culture to always do the most might just cause fears to arise and escalate. When yoga, herbal tea, or your half-hearted meditation practice fail, there is another option to calm down: eat a vegan gummy.

Sunday Scaries’ Vegan AF gummies are CBD gummies made specifically to reduce anxiety. The company was launched by business partners, Beau and Mike, who were looking for major relief from their job-induced daily stressors that seemed to never go away. After all, with some jobs, you just can’t turn off when the clock strikes 5pm. There are always still emails to attend to, notifications popping up, etc. But after numerous tests and trials, the duo of Sunday Scaries finally came up with something to help them (and you) feel a little more chill.

If you’re not into marijuana, don’t freak out; these aren’t edibles. They’re simply infused with CBD oil, which is derived from hemp—it’s no different than those hemp seeds you sprinkle on your smoothie bowl. There are no traces of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis), which means you have zero chance of getting high from these gummies. Further, the brand is tested and certified by a third-party laboratory, so you know you’re getting a consistent and quality product in each bottle—no need to worry that you’re going to lose it at work or space out into oncoming traffic while riding a Bird scooter. You’re free to take one any time of day—whenever you feel that creeping sense of anxiety crawling up your neck and shoulders.

Still a bit hesitant about CBD? Well, remember when those gummy vitamins came out? Not the chalky kind, but the candy-like teddy bear variety? Sunday Scaries are just like that, except they resemble sugar-coated Dots, rather than bears. And they’re vegan, which is a rare find in the gummy world. Most gummy and chewy products contain gelatin to procure that classic chew. Sunday Scaries Vegan AF are also infused with vitamin B12 and D3 in addition to the 10 mg of 100% non-GMO CBD oil, so technically, you’re still taking your vitamins.

Let’s face it. The holidays are over, everyone is in (or at least pretending to be) super-productive mode, and you have an inbox to tackle after setting up those blissful holiday “out of office” emails. Oh, and on top of that, there are those New Year’s resolutions you’ve committed to that are driving you insane. And even if life isn’t that extreme, we could all use a little less anxiety. One Sunday Scaries gummy is a convenient, safe, and affordable way to tone down the stressors and make life seem manageable. Because not all of us have the time or the financial resources to book a yoga retreat in Thailand or attend daily sound bath sessions in WeHo. This year, resolve to try something new—that doesn’t involve willpower or deprivation. Let yourself relax.

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