September 10th is “Fresh Brothers Impossible Day”

There are moments in every vegan’s life you never forget. The moment you realized you weren’t a baby cow and that almonds were waaaay easier to milk. The first time you saw a meat-eater claiming they’d never had vegan food—shook to their core on learning that a pbj sandwich was vegan. Well friends, another mammal-loving milestone is upon us, because on a hot AF fall day on September 10th, the world will seem a little brighter, as it’s Fresh Brother’s Impossible Day, boyyyyy!


Sept. 10th, “Fresh Brothers Impossible Day”—a day that will live on in infamy. On that sweet, blessed day, magic is happening, people. Fresh Brothers (your favorite LA “won’t make you hate yourself” pizza) and Impossible Foods (the plant-based patty to rein above all patties) are teaming up to celebrate their beautiful union that first occurred a few years ago. 


VegOut is officially declaring Sept. 10th a National Vegan Holiday, as these two epic brands are offering Personal Impossible Pizzas for only $3.50—PLUS you’ll receive a coupon for $3 off Fresh Brother’s Impossible Sliders for your next visit (sub vegan cheese and order without the buns to make them vegan).


$3.50!? That’s less than a gallon of gas, y’all! We would definitely coast on fumes to Fresh Brothers to get this deal, because clearly we are a good influence!


Ask for your adorable little baby pizza pie with vegan cheese and you’ll get melty Daiya goodness atop meaty mouthwatering Impossible meat on Fresh Brother’s signature crispy crust. She gonna be thicc!


So, have your assistant Siri set an official alarm for Sept. 10th, call in sick to work, and tell your boss it’s a national vegan holiday!


Photo credit: Fresh Brothers

Cat Limket is a vegan gluten-free actress, model, and activist. She is passionate about healthy and holistic living, cruelty-free beauty, and the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. When she’s not on set or hugging puppies, you can find her on the hunt for vegan gluten-free ice-cream. Catch her currently on Netflix in Spike Lee’s latest thriller, Tales from the Hood 2.

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