At first, he is surprised that the girl has cooled down after three years of the relationship, then she shares her intimate intimate with friends, and a year later she is left alone with herself, because the girl decided: something is wrong with me, since he does not make an offer. Guys, at times, are so surprised when a woman begins to want a family and children, do household chores and choose curtains for the nursery.

The further into the forest, the more incomprehensible the woman becomes; and the boys fall into thought, ask questions not to their life partner, but to the Internet: I don’t know what is wrong with the girl. And it was necessary either to think earlier, or to engage in building a personal life, so as not to solve puzzles later: what does her look mean, why the breath before bed is longer than in the morning, and what does “good luck at work” mean …


Unfortunately, men do not have the knowledge of quantum physics and mechanics to read the thoughts of others from a distance. And it’s a pity, because women, due to their upbringing and purpose, find it difficult to say directly. The vulnerability of men also complicates the truth in the forehead. They take it personally, put on labels when the wife casually says “oh, how did he park like that, well done”. It sounds offensive, hits the male pride.

A woman changes her attitude, worldview, adjusts so as not to hurt her soul. After a year, he becomes bored, he wants intrigues and scandals, how can he do without them, when he is so used to removing the brain. And then again “swing”: he doesn’t like it, it is boring here, and 5 months ago the words spoken sit in my head like thunder in a constant thunderstorm.

A woman grows up mentally, evaluating her past years in vain. She is faced with the image of a boy who capriciously demands respect. It’s harder to deserve, that’s understandable. It’s only too late to try to sort out situations in order to understand a woman with whom there are few, many, but are familiar or have lived a good half of the month. For both, this is a long time, when the couple is happy and has already patented the names of the grandchildren for our future.

Suddenly, in an instant, there is an eclipse, a fog of reason, complete despair. And the whole thing is in the inability to listen, when words should be read between the lines, look at facial expressions and understand hints, and not stare at the chest, coming up with names for them in case they meet.

Top 15 compliments for a girl

Forgive me for looking at you so closely. It’s hard to come off.

You are so fearless. There are no such girls anymore.

This dress looks amazing on you. Like any other. Probably, it’s not about the dress.

You are extremely feminine and elegant.

You have the most powerful energy. You charge everything around.

It takes my breath away from you.

You brought new colors to my life.

I love listening to your stories. You describe everything well.

You are like one of those books that you want to re-read constantly. Every time you find new amazing details in them.

How do all these creative ideas fit into your head?

You stubbornly go to your goals and do not depend on other people’s opinions. It costs a lot.

The sound of your laughter makes me the happiest person on the planet.

I would not want to change anything in my past. After all, all my actions led to a meeting with you.

When you’re not around, I think about you every minute.