Top 15 compliments for a girl

Forgive me for looking at you so closely. It’s hard to come off.

You are so fearless. There are no such girls anymore.

This dress looks amazing on you. Like any other. Probably, it’s not about the dress.

You are extremely feminine and elegant.

You have the most powerful energy. You charge everything around.

It takes my breath away from you.

You brought new colors to my life.

I love listening to your stories. You describe everything well.

You are like one of those books that you want to re-read constantly. Every time you find new amazing details in them.

How do all these creative ideas fit into your head?

You stubbornly go to your goals and do not depend on other people’s opinions. It costs a lot.

The sound of your laughter makes me the happiest person on the planet.

I would not want to change anything in my past. After all, all my actions led to a meeting with you.

When you’re not around, I think about you every minute.