First you need to remember what the girl constantly talked about and asked to do. Probably, the point is in some features of the manifestation of attention, accents, appearance and attitude in general. In order not to torment yourself with questions “I don’t know what the girl is wrong” and “what she needs from me”, you need to put yourself in her place. Since it is too difficult to approach the terrarium with conversation, men are not looking for easy and short ways, which means that you need to prepare for war.

You don’t have to build a test site, but you still need to develop a tactic of understanding.


This is a standard phrase that implies a denial of everything that happens. Sounds more often during sex. She dresses guiltily, the man remains in agitated bewilderment, like an underdeveloped animal that thinks in one place, not with his head. That is, how can not “like this”, if this happened every time?

There is an answer here: the woman constantly endured such antics, could not say directly (the guy is touchy, does not want to ponder), her nerves gave up and everything turned into words. This means that the way it happens in a standard way for a man is unacceptable for a woman. Time passes, and he does not see any hints of behavior correction. To resolve this conflict, you need to remember what initially scared or alerted the girl. Maybe linen with minions or bright lights in the kitchen?

The phrase isn’t just about sex. A priori, the wrong behavior is implied, not the actions that she would like to see, either after the announcement of the verdict, or after hints. Here we must carefully remember.


If once she would prefer a piece of meat to a bouquet, and in family life you will not be full of herbs, do not despair. She doesn’t want to return the candy-bouquet period and courtship. It’s just that recently the man has been inattentive, does not listen to her requests, does not want to understand her condition and fatigue. Either at work there are problems, then at home the socks are not removed after themselves, then the washing machine has not learned to turn on. And then there is this meat, from which to cook borscht again at midnight, so that it turns out like a mother-in-law.

A man should be wary of a woman’s reaction. Fearing and swearing is unnecessary. In such cases, psychologists recommend taking a break to deal with all the problems and difficulties in life.

According to a social survey conducted among couples who have been married for at least 5 years, and couples who are just starting a relationship, problems overtook everyone in the same proportion. Half of them solved difficulties without leaving. More than 23% of couples tried to maintain neutrality, while the rest parted for several weeks. As a result, women became more decisive and could express all their dissatisfaction so that it would not grow like a snowball. Men were ready for all conditions, if only the beloved would continue to be there.