There are girls who show dissatisfaction with their whole appearance, but cannot directly say what is happening. Behavior is justified by certain conditions, such as PMS. This is a handy caveat. And the man thinks, “I don’t know what the girl is wrong,” “I don’t understand what she needs,” and so on. You can distinguish a real problem from a contrived one by several signs:

Everything is fine in the house, the girl clearly takes the place of the main, mistress;

 At work, there are no disagreements with the team, bosses;

The mood outside the house is excellent, inside the walls of the apartment it is bad;

Constant dissatisfaction with little things without obvious justification.

Such behavior should be equated with the whims of girls who want to get everything at once: gifts, trips to a restaurant, attention 24 hours a day. If a guy keeps most of the promises, behaves with dignity, you need to make it clear that Madame is overdoing it a little with desires. Everything has its time, and relationships are not a battleground for a beautiful life.

When questions arise that give rise to quarrels, it is better for a man to immediately find out what is the matter. If the conflict is hushed up, after a while the girl will more often take the initiative for scandals. Psychologists also recommend spending time apart to strengthen feelings and test sincerity. Then any situation will be resolved in a matter of seconds, and after the date, each of the partners will think about how to diversify their leisure time, how to surprise their beloved and reward their beloved for their attention.

It is worth noting that all quarrels arise from understatement, as if the unpaid loan on time doubled due to interest in monetary terms. Therefore, you need to learn to hear at the start of the birth of a couple. Then the girl will not have to come up with a plan to gain attention, and the man will not have to make excuses for his inaction.

To look for blame in each other is also wrong. Even a sincere resentment is justified. The girl’s lightning-fast reaction is a harsh statement about her. Therefore, men should also not criticize girls, since they choose them and want to see them next to them.

An important rule: if a man made a decision like an adult boy, he will do everything so that his woman never regretted that she gave consent.