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Cruelty-Free, Ethically-Made Fashion Museum Opens in Los Angeles

The first museum dedicated to showcasing cruelty-free and ethically-made fashion recently opened in Los Angeles. Located on Melrose Ave. in front of Melrose Place, the F.A.K.E. (Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment) Museum is now open to the public until August 31.


The inception of F.A.K.E. started when animal rights activist Jonathan Ohayon launched the F.A.K.E. movement, a platform where vegan ethical designers can proudly promote their clothes and accessories. This later evolved into “F.A.K.E. popups” set up on Melrose Ave. The events were so successful that Ohayon decided to create and open a museum where people could learn more about alternatives to animal products in the fashion industry as well as methods to preserve our planet and respect human rights. 


The F.A.K.E. Museum hosts many designers and artists from around the globe who create 100% ethical art. Museum visitors are guided through an intimate and immersive 25 minute tour, learning about the negative impact of the fashion industry and solutions to the problem. During this first exposition, visitors will be able to see and learn about unique alternatives to silk, leather, and wool, which include different products made out of pineapple fiber, cork, apple skin, and mango skin. 

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