Carl’s Jr. Adds Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger to Their Menu

Carl’s Jr. recently added their new Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger to their menu. Inspired by the chain’s popular Western Bacon Cheeseburger, this burger features a vegan Beyond Meat Burger patty with Carl’s Jr. original BBQ sauce, American cheese, and onion rings, on a sesame seed bun. It can easily be made completely vegan by requesting no cheese and no onion rings.


Following the success of Carl’s Jr. meat-free Beyond Famous Star (made vegan by requesting no mayo and no cheese), which has been the chain’s most successful burger launch in the past years since launching last December, they’ve partnered with Beyond Meat again to expand the partnership, launching another meat-free burger, which is available now. 


“After seeing the overwhelming demand for our Beyond Famous Star, in true Carl’s Jr. fashion we knew it was time to give customers even more plant-based innovations to delight their taste buds. With one Western Bacon Cheeseburger sold every second, we saw this as the perfect flavor inspiration–and so the new Carl’s Jr. Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger was born,” shared Patty Trevino, SVP of Carl’s Jr. Brand Marketing.   


Head to your local Carl’s Jr. to try it out today.


Photo credit: Beyond Meat

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