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9 Places for Vegan Shrimp in Los Angeles

Most restaurants have mastered the vegan versions of burgers, chicken, and beef, but how often do you find vegan shrimp on the menu? This item is pretty rare, but we’ve made it a little easier for you! After fishing for all of the best places to try vegan shrimp in LA, we’ve curated a list of the top restaurants for you to visit to get your shrimp on!

Evolution Burger


If you’re anything like us, you love your fries deliciously decorated with flavorful toppings. At Evolution Burger, try your fries topped with shrimp by ordering their Shrimp Fries! Crispy fries decorated with marinated Be Leaf shrimp, garlic aioli, and spicy mayo, this item is sure to result in a happy belly! For other shrimp eats, order the Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Burger, or get shrimp in tacos or on a hot dog. Their menu rotates out so check their Instagram for the most accurate menu for every event.

Vegan Glory

West Hollywood

The shrimp combinations are endless at this Thai fusion joint! Choose soy shrimp as your protein on any of their a la carte, noodle, rice, or curry entrees. If you’re looking for a shrimp starter, order the Mee-Krob or Tom Yum Soup, but don’t forget to leave room for shrimp tacos! The tacos include soy shrimp, shredded cabbage, salsa, cilantro, and spicy gluten-free chipotle mayo, all resting on a warm soft shell corn tortilla. Try them all!

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The Vegan Joint

Culver City, Woodland Hills, & DTLA

While we’re on the Thai cuisine train, let’s take a stop at the Vegan Joint! Snack on their Golden Shrimp, Lemon Shrimp, or try their Sate with shrimp! If you’re feeling soupy, order the Wonton Soup which includes spinach, wheat flour wonton, soy shrimp and garlic. You can also add these babies to any of their curries, noodles, or rice plates!

Srey Vegan


This pop-up created the combo you didn’t even know you needed, Vegan Pineapple Walnut Shrimp! Served over a bed of white rice and topped with a flower, this beauty pleases all five senses! Other shrimp dishes include Garlic Firecracker Shrimp and Spring Rolls. Be sure to check their Instagram for the most accurate event menus!

Julie Goes Green


This Italian spot owned by sisters Julie and Shelly puts their best carbon footprint forward by using biodegradable containers, eliminating plastic, and filling their restaurant with decor composed of recycled materials. Another thing they’re doing right is offering shrimp as an option to add to any pasta or salad. As for pizza, order the Tony Spicy, topped with tomato sauce, red onion, green bell pepper, tomato, jalapeno, shrimp, and mozzarella. Shrimp Scampi? That’s not something you see very often on a vegan menu, but you will at this spot! Gluten-free vegan shrimp sautéed in butter, fresh garlic, fresh lemon, drenched in white wine sauce over spaghetti, this classic Italian dish has it all!



Doomie’s knows exactly how to serve shrimp––fried! Order their Fried Shrimp which comes breaded with sides of tartar and cocktail sauce. Maybe try throwing them on some of their freakishly good fries or order some other fried appetizers, like the Fried Avocado and Jalapeno Poppers to create a sampler trio!

Chicana Vegana


This pop-up offers shrimp two ways, grilled or fried. Get it in taco form or try it stuffed in a burrito like The Cali Phresh Burrito, packed with grilled garlic shrimp, cilantro rice, black beans, sautéed bell peppers, purple cabbage, chipotle, avocado sauce, and love! And when you think things can’t get any better, it is also soy free! Woohoo!

Green Leaves Vegan 

Los Feliz

Guess what this place has? If you guessed more shrimp, you’re a winner! Add shrimp to any salad, rice or noodle entree, dinner combo, or get it as side! Order the Shrimp Dinner for the ultimate well-rounded meal. Including fried soy shrimp, steamed broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini, and gluten-free wild rice or grilled potatoes, this veggie-filled dinner hits the mark!

Kick Ass Vegans


Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well––it’s not technically under the sea but this Vegan Shrimp Pineapple Bowl from Kick Ass Vegans won’t have you jump ship! Try their shrimp on alfredo fries, in a mashed potato bowl, as a ceviche, or in egg rolls, sandwiches, plates, and more! Now do you see where they get their name? Check in advance for their event-specific menus!

Allie is an Austin native studying Contemporary Musical Theatre and Film at Studio School in DTLA. She has been vegan for almost three years and loves spending her time scouting out the best eats in the area as well as teaching and practicing yoga.

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    You missed the Shrimp Basket at L.A. Vegan. Seriously, next to Doomie’s shrimp this is the best in town. Get yourself to the real westside (as in west of the 405) and taste for yourself. Lucious tempura fried shrimp with an assortment of other tempura veggies.


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