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9 Must-Try Vegan Eats in the Bay Area

The Bay Area is #blessed with a multitude of vegan options. This list barely scratches the surface but, to save you some dough and calories, we happily did all this exhausting research for you!

1. Bare Knuckle Pizza

351 12th St, Oakland

Pizzas here are 12 inches, which is the exact size a “personal” pizza should be. The mozzarella and sausage from nearby Butcher’s Son combine with Yves pepperoni and bubbly crust for sweet perfection.

Pro-tip: Get the Cherry Pie vegan because you’ve never contemplated cherries on your pizza until right this moment.

3. Gracias Madre

2211 Mission St., San Francisco

This is the place to take your posse after realizing the Golden Gate is an actual hike. Simple yet classy ambiance, authentic food and those two magic words: Happy Hour. Gorditas, tortas, tacos, enchiladas, and those watermelon margaritas. Gracias indeed!

4. Golden Lotus Vegetarian

1301 Franklin St, Oakland

Love gluten? Golden Lotus is for you. Bring a friend, split all the things, and rejoice in Thai iced tea. Highly recommend their chicken dishes: sweet and sour, sweet potato curry, and even drumsticks. Golden Lotus offers several mock-fish options for those feeling adventurous.

5. Next Level Burger

2085 Diamond Blvd Suite 150, Concord

Don’t be fooled by the McDonald’s-esque look – Next Level means serious business. We have never been so defeated by any food before, particularly by a burger that looked small. Surprisingly filling, enormously flavorful, and wildly Instagrammable.

Pro-tip: Bring an extra paycheck to buy the ridiculous amount of vegan cheese available at the 365 by Whole Foods Market that Next Level Burger is located inside of.

6. Hella Vegan Eats

411 26th St, Oakland

Biggest difference between LA and SF?  “HELLA.” Brunch your day away out in the sun or inside with local art and vintage cars. Quesadillas in magic parmesan-esque dust, totchos, chilaquiles, potsticker burritos, and avocado toast are just many of the hella Bay Area choices to feast on.

Pro-tip: Cancel your plans for the rest of the day and order mimosas while you’re there.

7. Timeless Coffee

2965 College Ave, Berkeley & 4252 Piedmont Ave, Oakland

Vegan cafe/bakery with astounding bangin’ coffee, cakes, and all the breakfast pastries you miss after going vegan. Bonus that everyone sitting outside has a dog with them.

8. Analog Oakland

414 14th St. Oakland

Not fully vegan, but solid lineup of massive vegan sammies. The bread is to die for, and it’s perfect for a chill night alone with a book. Options include “Bahn Mi? No, Bahn You!,” “The Young and the Breastless,” and “Hail Seitan” among others puns – loaded with pickled veggies, sauces, and housemade seitan.

Pro-tip: You can order at Golden Bull (the bar next door) and chomp away happily while drinking beer and listening to whatever metal band is in town that night.

9. The Butcher’s Son

1941 University Ave, Berkeley

Alternative meats made in house: think Herbivorous Butcher but without snow! Sandwiches galore: classics like Chicken Parm, Tuna Salad, and BLTs. Allergen articulate and a great place to take friends who have a tough time eating elsewhere.

Mushroom Blue Cheese Burger. Vegan.

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So many delicious vegan places to eat in the Bay Area. Happy Eating!

Feature photo credit: Gracias Madre

Erin lives and eats pizza in Oakland, and has been at least vegetarian since the ripe age of four. She’s a proud entrepreneur and #girlboss, and loves talking small business and big ideas over coffee. Erin is a bourbon-lovin,’ red lipstick queen, and will be happy to learn any language you throw her way.

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