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9 Dog-Friendly Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

Hi, I’m Yolandi, a 4.5 pound, plant-based rescue Chihuahua who is pretty adorable, if I do say so myself. Contrary to popular belief, dogs can be vegan too—I am living proof! I love sniffing around town to find the best vegan spots that offer dog menu items! I take photos everywhere I go and share them with all my followers because who can resist a picture of a cute pup and kind eats? Here are some of the best in show of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants with plant-based options for four-legged friends!

Powerplant Superfood Cafe


This tail-wagging cafe has an outdoor seating area for pups to perch and feast on their doggy menu item, the Bully Bowl! For $8, you get a bowl full of tempeh bacon, quinoa, and their greens of the day sautéed in EVOO. If you’re a small pup like me, ask for the Little Bully Bowl, which is only $5! You also get a complimentary house-made dog treat for dessert. The owner, Cynthia, loves all animals and is an advocate and rescuer of shelter pups of her own. I even let Cynthia hold me—that’s how much I love her! They also feature adoptable dogs if you are looking for a new friend. Check ‘em out!

Bodhi Bowl


This lovely restaurant has no shortage when it comes to wholesome bowls! I requested from my friend Alison at Bodhi Bowl for a menu item just for canine critters to eat at their outdoor seating area, resulting in the Doggy Bowl! For only two dollars, you can get their secret menu quinoa and sweet potato bowl, just for those with paws!

Sugar Taco


Sugar Taco is a spunky spot with a huge patio that’s adorably decorated in bright colors, or so I think—I’m a little color blind! I love hanging out here with my furry friends and eating their dog menu item! They offer one doggy snack on their menu at a time which rotates monthly! In the past, they have had doggy tacos and conchas that are soooo yummy! For August, they have a doggy burrito bowl! 100% of the profits from the dog menu item gets donated to an animal charity. Holla!

Golden Road Brewing


If you’ve got four dollars to spare, head over to the Glendale location of this vegan-friendly spot and ask for an unseasoned Beyond Meat Patty just for you! For your owner, they’ve got plenty of vegan food and drink options like a Pub Pretzel, Portobello Sliders, Vegan Caesar Salad, and more!


Glendale & Echo Park

Yoga-urt is a vegan soft serve shop with a patio for me to cool off with my favorite flavor, Peanut Butter Prana! They have loads of other items for your human friends too! Take a day trip to Echo Park and stop by their new location over there after a nice day of enjoying the outdoors!

All Vegan Organic

Santa Monica

Nicknamed Avo Cafe, this place has a huge patio in the back where I love to take my photoshoots! You can get their dog-friendly menu item, the Sweet Potato Mash. They even have a Yolandi approved sticker up front, so you know it’s excellent!

Little Pine

Silver Lake

Little Pine has a patio section that’s perfect for little (and big) pups like me! The potatoes on their menu are dog-friendly and are so good I even let my brother Drogo come along with me! Stop by for their weekend brunch and see what we’re barking about!

Noho Bakehouse


Bone-us! For your next birthday or puppy party, get a custom order dog cake from Noho Bakehouse! For my ninth birthday, I got a bone-shaped peanut butter cookie cake with writing and little bones on top. It was so good––I still dream about it every night!

That’s all I have for you today! Check out my Instagram, @yolandi_eats_la for other good spots and cute pictures. Paw-paw for now!!


Photo credit: @yolandi_eats_la

Yolandi is a rescued Chihuahua living in Los Angeles who loves to eat out.

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