10 Must-Have Cruelty-Free Beauty Products for Summer

With your animal-free diet and compassionate view of the world, we know you are positively glowing from the inside out. But even with all the green juices in the world, we all want to look our best as we hug a cow or dine on LA’s best vegan tacos, right? Thank goodness for the wonderful cruelty-free beauty brands that work to give us products without a list of ingredients that sound like the elements of the periodic table’s evil cousins. There are so many deliciously delightful animal-loving brands, but these are our must-haves for the summer!

Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray

Get ready for all the Victoria’s Secret vibes, because this spray is all you need for perfectly tousled, beach goddess hair. Natural pink sea salt adds texture and va-va-voom volume, guava and hibiscus fruits hydrate and provide full-spectrum strand support. Hit those damp locks with this salt spray as you step out of your Valley studio apartment and be transformed to the exotic Galapagos Islands. Be careful of rubber-neckers as you sashay and hair flip your way to find some vegan ice cream.

Rahua fun fact: This rainforest grown line was inspired by and originated from the lustrous hair cascading off the fabulous Amazonian women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe.

Skin Authority Instant Perfection Peel Pads

These days it’s hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell, so what’s the point of make-up when it’s just going to melt off your face anyway, ya heard? Skin Authority’s peel pads are here to save the day as this exclusive leave-on formula will bestow upon your skin a silky smooth canvas with no need for make-up or powder. Transform your skin to a Beyonce-esque poreless canvas as you laugh at girls with caked on make-up knowing that your skin is smooth, firm, bright, and oh so au naturale.

Skin Authority fun fact: Just call them your skin fairy godmother, as they offer professional Skin Coaching and assistance in helping you achieve your most optimal skin.

Fleur and Bee Natural Rose Water Toner

We all need a little skin pick-me-up while we sit in rush hour traffic, sweat through the waiting area of an audition, or suffer through that awkward Tinder date. Fleur and Bee’s Rose Water Toner is here to refresh, hydrate, and plump up your skin. It helps clear off that LA pollution and instantly promotes a bit of relaxation, good for while you stress-look for parking on street cleaning days! A little mist here and a little mist there, spray your boyfriend, the barista at Starbucks, or that guy in your Uber pool whose Chi is definitely off.

Fleur and Bee fun fact: Feel good about ya skin, feel good about your wallet! 1% of every order placed is donated to Days for Girls, an international organization providing access to menstrual care and education to girls in need.

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Loli Beauty Matcha Coconut Paste

What’s better than an iced Oat Milk Matcha Latte on a summer morning? A matcha mask for your face, duh! Open up Loli’s sustainable packaging, add a bit of water to the Grinch-green powder and voila, the perfect paste to cure everything that ails your face. This powerful all natural mask works hard to detox, tighten, brighten, and tone! Glowing results after one use, guaranteed compliments and constant unrequited attention after continued use.

Loli Beauty fun fact: For every $75 of your hard-earned cash you spend at Loli, they donate $1 to an organization that is working to stop human trafficking. Plus, all products come in food grade glass jars, and every label, bag, and box is compostable!

Zodica Perfumery Twist & Spritz

Embrace your true summer celestial being with a perfume made just for your Earth-loving, uniquely galactic self. A scent for every sign, season, or intention, you’ll be frolicking your way to uber vibrational awareness as you lift your mood and your spirit with these cosmic scents. Customized just for you, you’ll be attracting strangers left and right, perfect for drawing people in to talking to you about veganism, because you know strangers love when you do that! With the cute travel-sized genius twist top packaging, it’s perfect for your next summer adventure, beach bonfire, or cheeky romantic rendezvous.

Zodia fun fact: Founder Kristi Moe took almost four years to design the entire moon baby collection, researching each sign in depth, basically becoming an astrological whiz.

Odacite Crystal Contour Gua Shua

Wrinkles, saggy skin, and puffy eyes are a thing of the past once you get your hands on this little known ancient beauty tool. This smooth little crystal will be your new BFF as it lifts and revitalizes that vegan skin to new heights! An ancient traditional Chinese medicine beauty secret, this little stone promotes lymphatic drainage in your face, and contours every nook and cranny of that plant-loving mug to ultimate snatchdom! No more FaceTuning those vacay photos from Bali, because you’ll be a real life IG filter.

Odacite fun fact: The name means audacity in French—an ode to founder Valerie Grandury’s French roots and green Cali living.

Glossier Invisible Shield

You already know we couldn’t make a summer must-have list without some sun protection, yo! Goopy, sticky, white residue-leaving SPF’s are a thing of the past, as Glossier gives us all the sweet protection of a skin-saving angel with it’s Invisible Shield formula. The clear water gel formula instantly absorbs into the skin due to some active microcapsule voodoo magic that we aren’t even trying to understand, but are very grateful for! Protection from sun damage, skin cancer, and the pollutants of LA smog, the only thing it doesn’t repel is the haters!

Glossier fun fact: Glossier follows a democratic approach to beauty, a people-powered beauty eco-system where every single product was created and inspired as a result of hundreds of interviews with women just like you so find out what was needed on their beauty shelves!

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

So many animals to kiss, and so little time! Trust us when we say those chapped kissers need some TLC! Men and women are obsessed with this delightfully emollient balm pumped with SPF that works overtime to keep those legume-loving lips soothed and hydrated. Free radical damage, flaky skin, and animal cruelty are nowhere near your future, because you are woke, moisturzied, and protected from that harsh LA sun!  With over ten balm flavors and a plethora of vegan food options galore, the possibilities are looking quite exciting and endless for you!

Jack Black fun fact: Created nearly 19 years ago, Jack Black set out to create luxury efficacious products using high quality ingredients that would not never ever be tested on animals!

Bulldog Skincare Sensitive Aftershave Balm

Vegan men, it’s the season to bare those beautiful animal-free faces. Take care of that luminous plant-loving skin with an aftershave balm made of all natural baobab oil, oat oil, and willow herb that’ll keep you protected post shave and silky smooth! The balm will keep you soothed and irritant free, and ready for doggo face rubs, kisses in the sun, and lots of messy vegan nacho eating!

Bulldog fun fact: Bulldog is the first men’s skincare brand to use plastic from sugarcane in their tubes. Sustainability is sexy!

Max Green Alchemy Scruff Rescue Beard Tamer

For our gentle lumberjack men, this is the product for you. The LA heat won’t make you stray away from a well-grown face party, but we gotta keep those prickly whiskers tamed. Just like you control your perfectly earth-loving diet, the Beard Tamer will take control of that mountain tickler and turn you into a civilized mustached man of mystery. The organic botanical ingredients will keep that flavor saver nourished and moisturized without the greasy mess. Those LA beardophiliacs won’t know what to do!

Max Green Alchemy fun fact: Just call them the Skin Justice League, because the company created a watch list called Cosmetic Counter Intelligence to help you avoid 9 harmful chemicals present in most products you use everyday!

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Cat Limket is a vegan gluten-free actress, model, and activist. She is passionate about healthy and holistic living, cruelty-free beauty, and the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. When she’s not on set or hugging puppies, you can find her on the hunt for vegan gluten-free ice-cream. Catch her currently on Netflix in Spike Lee’s latest thriller, Tales from the Hood 2.

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